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Tools to use

To guarantee the succes of your projects, it's very important that all of the information about a project is accesible in one place and is kept up to date.
For the overview of projects and the work that is to be done, we make use of the survices of Atlassian.

Confluence ℹ

All of the information that is available about a product is kept up to date in Confluence:

Jira ✏️

To keep track of analysis, design and development work, we use Jira:

Calender 🗓

To stay up to date with all of the sprint related meetings, you have to keep an eye on your calender:

Slack 🐌

Communication is 🗝. Always keep an eye on your slack channels and messages and stay up to date with the latest news about projects in your team.

Miro 🔖

Miro is an excellent tool to facilitate retrospectives.